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New Baptist Covenant signals resurgence of reconciliation movement, Mandela colleague says

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Jimmy Carter continues to put his faith into action.

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Allan Boesak, South African anti-apartheid activist, to speak at NBC at CBF's General Assembly, June 26, 2014.

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President Jimmy Carter says he is a New Baptist Covenant kind of Baptist and advocates for women's rights.

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CBF Celebrates the NBC Summit and an interview with civil rights leader, Otis Moss Jr. 

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Hannah McMahan talks about the NBC dream

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The Most Segregated Hour: To truly honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., heal the division in our churches.

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New Baptist Covenant Summit concludes with action plans on hunger, literacy, predatory lending

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New Baptist Covenant enters work phase

A broad coalition of Baptists from various organizations pledge to work together in their local communities. Read the full article on ABPnews.



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