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A covenant of action is when two or more churches from different Baptist traditions come together to address a pressing need in their community.
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Barbara Johns and Brown vs. Board of Education

On this day, May 17, 1954, The United States Supreme Court rendered the landmark decision in the Brown vs. Board of Education Case. In a unanimous 9-0 decision the Court ruled that segregation in public education was a violation of the 14th  Amendment of the...

Good Friday in Jail

In 1963, Birmingham, Alabama was the most thoroughly segregated city in America. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, at the invitation of the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, the Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church and the President of the Alabama Christian Movement for...

CoA Guidebook

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Georgia Covenant of Action Partners Host Joint Event

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, NBC Covenant of Action Partners CBF of Georgia and New Era Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia held a joint youth March Madness event at the New Era Center in Griffin, Ga. About 100 youth and adults representing the two state...

Baptist Women–Pioneers in the Fight for Equality

          By: Rev. Elijah Zehyoue This Women’s history month, we here at the New Baptist Covenant have been highlighting and celebrating the various efforts of Baptist women in the fight for equality. Often, when we tell both the stories of...

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