Workshops | NBC Summit 2016

September 14-16, 2016, Atlanta, GA

The Baptist Family Journeying to Covenant Community

Top Baptist leaders discuss current efforts to heal the divisions in our Baptist family and explore the path forward to authentic reconciliation and collaboration.

Generation to Generation: Learning from Each Other’s Paths

Although every generation is called to, “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God,” each generation faces its own unique challenges and opportunities. Here we will learn from each other’s stories and empower a new generation of ministers to take the lead.

Transformation vs. Charity

As churches work to “proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor,” how do we foster ministries that create lasting change in our communities? Here we will explore best practice models for community engagement and how to create ministries that go beyond models of charity to models of transformation.

Pastoral Leadership in Times of Racial Injustice and Tragedy

In times where tragedies fueled by racial injustice and tension are front-page headlines, how can ministers lead their communities and bear witness to the Kingdom of God?

Fellow Travelers on the Road: Lessons Learned from NBC Covenant Partners

Join in dialogue with the New Baptist Covenant’s pioneering covenant partners. Learn what they have discovered through their partnerships and how they have been witnesses for justice and reconciliation in their communities.

Unity not Uniformity: Celebrating the Divine Imagination

The Baptist family is made up of a diverse group of people with varying cultures, experiences, and theologies. How do we find unity in Christ without demanding uniformity as a precursor to relationship?

Beginning the Journey: Pastoral Care Needs in the Work of Reconciliation

The work of reconciliation is not completed overnight. Authentic reconciliation requires long term commitment to trust building, honesty and vulnerability between partners. At the same time partners can face different pastoral care needs as they nurture these relational values. In the work of reconciliation, what must individuals do and what can we do together?

Prophetic Witness in the Political Sphere

Baptists hold the separation of church and state dear. How do we honor this principal while at the same time bearing public witness against injustice, violence and hate?

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