Join us for the New Baptist Covenant Luncheon!

Macon partners with Rev. James Goolsby of First Baptist Church and Rev. Scott Dickison of First Baptist Church of Christ.

Dallas partners with Dr. George Mason (left) of Wilshire Baptist Church and Minister Danielle Ayers (second from left) of Friendship West Baptist Church

Washington, DC partners with Dr. Darryl Roberts of 19th Street Baptist Church and Rev. Julie Pennington-Russell of First Baptist Church.

The change our world needs starts with your church.  

Join us to support the NBC movement and to hear the stories of covenant partners doing the work of racial justice. 
Panelists to include:
Minister Danielle Ayers
Rev. Scott Dickison
Rev. James Goolsby
Dr. George Mason
Rev. Julie Pennington-Russell
and Dr. Darryl Roberts


June 20, 2019 

Birmingham Ballroom III and IV

Sheraton Hotel, Birmingham, AL

11:30 AM


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