Alice Mitchell Cross

Covenant of Action Liaison

Alice began her professional career in Cleveland, Miss. After graduation from college, she was employed by Baxter Travenol Pharmaceutical Company (BTP) as an Industrial Engineer. She was the first African-American female to be hired to work in this capacity at the company. During her seven years of employment there, Alice received great recognition for her outstanding work in the development of technical standards for many of the assembly processes and procedures that saved the company a great deal of money. She also took the opportunity to mentor females who were striving to excel while working at BTP.

In 1982, Alice relocated to King of Prussia, Pa., where she went to work for Unisys, Inc., as a Manufacturing Engineer. While employed at Unisys, Alice supported the startup of a manufacturing assembly operation and conducted training in production control and the assembly of mainframe computers both domestic and international. While employed at Unisys, she worked with INROADS and Program for Research on Immune Modeling and Experimentation (PRIME). She led the initiative to interview, recruit and hire female and minority students into the company.

Later, Alice accepted employment at Lockheed Martin Company (LMC) in Enterprise Information Systems Division as a Manufacturing Software Engineer. During her 15 years with LMC, she had the opportunity to work in several different positions and on a variety of projects. Her interaction and support to LMC customers in the conversion and installation of software data, process development and system implementation prompted her to Business Unit Resource Manager, where she served until retirement.

Alice seized another opportunity to serve as she directed her attention to become an entrepreneur with the startup of a joint venture. For 10 years, AMC & Associates provided software installation and training to small businesses and churches throughout the neighboring counties. 

In 2013, Alice became the Administrative Coordinator of Chaplain and Specialized Ministries and Passionary Movement at American Baptist Homes Mission Societies (ABHMS). She provided day-to-day operational support and direction for the Chaplain’s endorsement process, responded to requests and questions relative to chaplaincy, ensured that all endorsement documentation followed established protocols and procedures, and coordinated and attended chaplaincy events. 

In her employment with ABHMS, Alice could build a strong relationship and collaboration with American Baptist Churches USA’s at the national, regional, and local levels. Alice was excited to work for an organization that exhibited love by helping others in need and making the world a better place for all.

Alice joined Bethlehem Baptist Church (BBC), located in Penllyn, PA, in 1984. While a member of BBC, she served in several ministries such as Education and Scholarship, Hospitality, Kujichagulia, Stewardship, Transportation, and Church Financial Treasurer. 

In the 100 plus years of the Church’s history, Alice was the first female to serve as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. Alice led the Church Acquisition Team though a six-year project to purchase a $3.0 million building in Springhouse, PA. Currently, she is a member of the Macedonia Baptist Church, Norristown, PA, and serves as the senior volunteer committee organizer.

Alice received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Delta State University and a Master’s in Business Administration, with a concentration in Management from Eastern University. She has completed a three-year program in Bible Studies from the New Life Bible Institute Missionary School (NLBI) Philadelphia, Pa. She is the mother of two lovely daughters, Anissa and Allyson, who reside in Norristown, Pa., with her.

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