NBC_2008 11 copy 3Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

President Jimmy Carter, the Convener of the New Baptist Covenant movement, announced yesterday that he has cancer and will begin treatment at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta. Please join us in praying for President Carter and his family as he takes the next steps and begins treatment. Throughout his life, President Carter has been a champion for others. He has brought peace where there is war, light where there is darkness, and hope where there is despair. He has certainly pushed us to move forward in this ministry of racial reconciliation and justice in the Baptist family. President Carter never ceases to lift up the people around him. It is now our turn to lift him up and undergird him and Mrs. Carter with our prayers and support during this challenging time.

Our faith teaches us that prayer makes a difference. Let us pray fervently, then, that President Carter will have the peace of God as he meets this health challenge head-on just as he has so many other challenges during his life and career.

IMG_1560Grace and peace to you, Beloved,



Hannah McMahan
NBC Coordinator

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