Covenant of Action Grant Application

  • (Each covenant of action should adhere to NBC’s formula. To gain access to our Covenant of Action Guidebook, contact the NBC office here.

  • Submit a Covenant of Action Grant proposal that addresses the following aspects of your covenant of action:
  • Describe your covenant of action.
  • • What do you hope to achieve through your covenant of action?
    • How will your covenant of action reconcile our Baptist family?
    • How will your covenant of action advance Jesus’ Luke 4:18-19 mandates? How will it transform your community?
    • How will you know if your covenant of action has been successful? How will you measure your success?
  • • If awarded a NBC Covenant of Action Grant, how would you use these funds? Please submit a budget.
    • What church/organization would manage these funds?
  • Agreement

  • List the names of additional covenant partners who will sign the agreement.

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