Covenant of Action Application

NBC covenant of action partners are invited to apply for a grant to support the work of their covenant of action. As a NBC covenant partner, you have taken the NBC mission to heart and created a covenant of action to advance NBC’s mission. We recognize, that for Baptists, the people are powerful agents of change and we wish to support the ministry of covenant partners. Therefore, grants of $5,000 are available and will be awarded to covenant partners engaged in high impact and innovative covenants. The NBC Covenant of Action Grant is intended to support the collaborative ministries developed as part of the NBC Covenant of Action initiative. All grants are awarded exclusively to fund NBC covenants of action.

Applications for a NBC Covenant of Action Grant will only be considered if the following criteria are met.

  • A covenant of action is developed and based on one of Jesus’ Luke 4:18-19 mandates.
  • Covenants are built on multiracial partnerships between Baptists characterized by mutuality, respect, and love.

Grants will be awarded based on the potential impact of the covenant partners’ covenant of action and the thoughtfulness with which their covenant is conceived and implemented.

Recipients of a NBC Covenant of Action Grant must be in good standing with the organization and work to advance the mission of the New Baptist Covenant movement. Furthermore, grant recipients must agree to the following stipulations.

  • Submit at least two journal reflections as assigned by NBC staff.
  • Document efforts with pictures and videos and share this media with NBC for the use of NBC.
  • Create a guidebook so that others can follow in your footsteps and replicate your efforts.
  • Enlist at least one new team to create a covenant of action.
  • Submit financial report documenting your use of NBC Covenant of Action Grant funds.

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