“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Covenant of Action partners in the DC metro area want to empower people to serve their communities by understanding the importance of the U.S. Census.

“Everybody matters,” says Rev. Girton-Mitchell of Grace and Race Ministries, Inc., and Kingdom Mission Society. “We want to help insure that everybody is counted!”

“The Civics of the Census: Everybody Counts!” forum, coordinated by New Baptist Covenant partners Metropolitan Baptist Church, Grace and Race Ministries, Inc,. and Kingdom Mission Society, will be held at Metropolitan Baptist Church, 1200 Mercantile Lane, Largo, MD 20774 from 10:00 am until noon, Saturday, January 18.  

“We know that information is power,” says Rev. Brenda Girton-Mitchell. “With the right information, every one of us can help those in our spheres of influence understand the impact the census has on the systems that affect our daily lives.” 

The speakers for the forum will include the Honorable George J. Hazel, United States District Judge; Fernando E. Armstrong, Census Philadelphia of the U.S. Census Bureau; Regional Director LaJoy Y. Mosby, President of the Central Maryland Chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. 

The program will address: 

– Why an accurate count is important

– The constitutional mandate to carry out a census

– How the census impacts federal funding

– The role everyone in a community can play in promoting the census.

There will also be resource tables available with information on jobs and community services. 

Light refreshments will be served, and RSVPs are requested via Eventbrite or Email.  If you have any questions, you can contact them at socialjusticeandpublicpolicy@metropolitanbaptist.org or call Terri Reaves at 703-966-3369.

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