Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

4366391145_044326ecc0_oOur hearts have once again been broken by senseless violence and hatred. In the wake of the tragic shooting in Orlando, FL where our LGBTQ brothers and sisters were targeted, we are left feeling raw, confused, angry and afraid. We are confused and struggling to find the words that are capable of holding the outrage and sadness of the moment. We are angered by the lost lives of God’s precious children tragically cut short. We are afraid of the violence that runs as an undercurrent in our society, constantly threatening to erupt.

In the darkness of this tragedy, we also reach for light. We reach for what endures—faith, hope and above all, love. Faith that God will guide us in troubled times and show us the path forward. Hope that we will learn to live with each other in peace, with justice and above all love—a love that shouts down hate and holds all of God’s children as precious, and fearfully and wonderfully made. A love that wins.

We carry on praying and working for the day when we all will lay down our swords and shields and study war no more—for the day when love wins. Our shared call in Christ demands no less.

Hannah McMahanYour sister in Christ,




Hannah McMahan

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