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A covenant of action is when two or more churches from different Baptist traditions come together to address a pressing need in their community.

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Ending Violence in America!

In the past several months, cities across America have experienced a dramatic increase in violence caused by guns and by motor vehicles used as weapons.  Today, I question the inadequate response of law enforcement in investigating the crimes committed and determining...

Words for the Journey – “I, Too, Am American”

Langston Hughes’ poem, “Let America Be America Again” has been reverberating and ricocheting in my consciousness for the last several weeks. I am especially moved by Alfre Woodard’s narration in this Video produced by The 100th anniversary of the Tulsa...

Pride Month

Pride Month provides Baptists another opportunity to reflect on our commitment to equal rights. Just how expansive - or restrictive - is our full inclusion of all human beings?  As Baptists, we have made great strides and have often provided stellar direction in the...

Words for the Journey – “Makes Me Wanna Holler”

In 1971, Marvin Gaye released Inner City Blues.  Those of us old enough to remember may recall his song “Makes Me Wanna Holler…” We may also lament that it has been fifty years and far too little has changed for far too many People of Color since the release of this...

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