Make Your Own Covenant of Action

  A covenant of action is when two or more churches from different Baptist traditions come together to address a pressing need in their community.

2016 CBF Luncheon

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An open letter to President Trump

Signatories: 1. Robert Tennant, Hillside Church2. Brandon Moore3. Robert Gauthier, Campolo Center at Eastern University4. David Stancil5. Kent Pipes, The Salt and Light Company, Inc.6. Harriet Baldwin, First Baptist Church, South Bend, IN7. Henry Creel8. Kenneth...

Words for the journey — February 2020

Greetings, Several years ago, a popular fast food chain launched a marketing campaign for Black History Month titled "365 Black." The theme of the campaign was to celebrate African-American history and culture all year, and not just in February. Their preferences for...

Building on the legacy of MLK

By Lindsay Bruehl Friendship-West Baptist Church and Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas hosted their third annual "A King Teach In" at Friendship-West Baptist. This is part of our covenantal relationship, formed in part with help from New Baptist Covenant, to work...

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