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  A covenant of action is when two or more churches from different Baptist traditions come together to address a pressing need in their community.

2016 CBF Luncheon

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Words for the journey — September 2020

More than 200,000 souls have been lost to COVID-19. Raging fires continue to gobble up lives and livelihoods on the west coast of the country. White supremacy exposes its ugly face as a significant percentage of our citizens deny the humanity and validity of black...

‘I Can’t Breathe’ gathering in Collegeville

“For 8 minutes and 46 seconds George Floyd struggled to breathe as the oppressive knee of domination and dehumanization pressed down on his neck,” said Rev. Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins, Acting Executive Director of New Baptist Covenant. Wright-Riggins, who is also...

McMahan King ends year-long transition with New Baptist Covenant

By Lindsay Bergstrom Hannah McMahan King, co-executive director of New Baptist Covenant, has finished a year-long transition process and completed her time with New Baptist Covenant on March 31 to pursue other career goals. “New Baptist Covenant has been a true...

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