Galilee Missionary Baptist Church and 12th Street Baptist Church of Kalamazoo, MI kicked off their Covenant of Action Partnership with a “Demonstration of Diversity” day at Kalamazoo’s Bronson Park. The event included a health fair, fun activites for the kids, and times of worship with a combined choir of Galillee and 12th Street members. Pastor Michael Scott of Galillee Baptist Church, and Pastor Thaddeus Stout of 12th Street Baptist Church co-preached a short sermon from Revelation 5:9, titled, “The Family of God.”
“That’s what we’re doing here today in Bronson Park,” preached Pastor Scott, referring to how the Scripture passage indicates that people from all nations gathered together as one family of God. “God did not ask them to dumb down their differences or what makes them unique because we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of our God. Black is beautiful, white is beautiful, brown is beautiful, red is beautiful, and whatever color you find yourself in, God made you and you are beautiful! …And so have come to demonstrate our diversity by lifting up our similarities–that we all love the Lamb of God.”

“Families don’t always get along, do they?” continued Pastor Stout. “Sometimes families–they fight. Sometimes they don’t always treat their brothers and their sisters as well as they should. God has something to say about that for us. See, when we don’t treat each other right–the Bible calls that sin…and that sin separates us from God and each other.” Pastor Stout went on to tell the crowd, “If we receive Jesus Christ, we become part of the family of God. But that doesn’t fix our problem. See, even when we come to Christ, sometimes we differ from each other. But here’s what God does. He says, “I’ve got others different, so that I can serve others through you.”


The two churches closed out the day by formally signing their Covenant of Action. “We could sign a contract,” said Pastor Stout, “but here’s all a contract is: a contract is so you can write language in it so you can get out of it. We’re not signing a contract, we’re signing a covenant today. A covenant is something you make with God, and when you make it, [God] holds you accountable.”

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