What is “Lamenting Racism”?

New Baptist Covenant is inviting a cohort of racially diverse congregational leaders and allies to “sit in the dust” together and lament a society suffering the institutional sin of racism. Over the course of six weeks we will use the resource “Lamenting Racism” as anti-racism work and as a call to discipleship. People of every race are called to consider how we have been shaped and formed by race. We all benefit by experiencing lament as an anti-racism practice.

In each 75-minute session we will follow a structure of nurturing community, reflecting on a teaching video, digging into scripture, chewing on it, and then departing into the world committed to truth and transformation. For more information, on the text and program, see https://www.mennomedia.org/lamenting-racism/.

New Baptist Covenant will provide a participants’ guide free of charge to leaders who sign on to commit to participate in this, our initial “Lamenting Racism Cohort.” To express interest in participating in the Lamenting Racism Cohort, please contact Jenna Antoniewicz, Director of Communications & Development at jenna@newbaptistcovenant.org by Friday, October 1.


October 12, 19, 26
November 9,16, 23

6:30 PM EST via zoom

Anyone from anywhere is encouraged to participate!



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