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Covenants of Action are formed when two or more congregations from the same city or region – sometimes as geographically close as down the street from one another – engage in serious and hard conversations about what it means to form a covenant with each other.

The congregations forge new bonds of fellowship, and identify a pressing issue in their communities to work together to address. Covenant of Action projects have included literacy programs, food justice initiatives, and economic development advocacy, but we encourage new covenant partners to think creatively to identify an issue specific to their community that God may be calling them to address.


The New Baptist Covenant will work with you to identify a partner church or organization from a different racial or ethnic background. We can also help strengthen an already existing relationship.


As you create your Covenant of Action, New Baptist Covenant leaders will guide you and your partner through a process of exploration and discernment about what it means to form a covenant with each other, your collective passions, your joint resources, the pressing needs of your community and what particular community need God is may be calling you to address.


As you are in covenant with each other, we are committed to being in covenant with local partners. Throughout the year, the New Baptist Covenant provides assistance to covenant partners through coaching, educational resources, and help sharing your story. We also offer Covenant of Action Grants that you can apply for to support the work of your Covenant of Action.

Ready to get started? Please complete the form below.


Covenant Registration Form

Welcome to the New Baptist Covenant family! We are delighted that you are joining us in the work of doing justice and seeking reconciliation. Please complete this form so that we can learn more about you and how we might be of help as you move forward.
  • I. Partnership Information

  • Partner #1

  • Partner #2

  • Partner #3

  • II. Covenant of Action Information

    Please tell us about the action that you and your partner(s) plan to take together by filling in the blanks below:
  • (One sentence on the issue you plan to address)
  • (Describe the ministry you plan to do together.)
  • III. Additional Information:

    Our Covenant of Action Guidebook offers sample covenants for you to review and is available for download in the Covenant of Action section of our website. Please remember that you must be registered with us and have a written Covenant of Action to be eligible to apply for a Covenant of Action Grant. We encourage you to create a larger version of this covenant statement, and bear witness to your covenant at a public signing ceremony. PLEASE let us know when and where your covenant signing ceremony will be held (if you have already scheduled a signing ceremony, you can share that information below). And please send us your photos!
  • Questions? Please contact Alice Mitchell-Cross, Covenant of Action Liaison at

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