Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins

WASHINGTON — New Baptist Covenant has worked since its founding to advance racial justice in and through our Baptist family through creating cross-cultural and multi-racial partnerships. The organization is proud to announce its next step in modeling these relationships through creating a shared leadership model for the New Baptist Covenant and welcome Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins as co-executive director. Together NBC co-executive directors, Hannah McMahan and Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins will oversee the organization’s administration and execute the New Baptist Covenant’s mission.

McMahan, who has led the organization as executive director for five years said, “I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Wright-Riggins on to the New Baptist Covenant team and look forward to what we will accomplish together.  Dr. Wright-Riggins has been a trusted advisor as a founding board member and his wealth of experience and insight will be a great gift to New Baptist Covenant as we continue to grow into our mission.”

Wright-Riggins served as executive director of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies for 24 years where he led the organization through a number of racial justice efforts, including establishing Space for Grace, a conference that explores the role of the church in the work of racial justice. Before assuming this position, he served as pastor of one of the oldest and largest churches in South Central Los Angeles — the Macedonia Baptist Church — from the mid-1980s to 1991. (Read full bio)

Concurrent with his pastoral ministry, Wright-Riggins served as Director of Peace With Justice for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, where he bridged civil and human rights concerns between African American and Euro-American communities. 

“I am honored by this opportunity to serve alongside Hannah McMahan who has led the New Baptist Covenant with wisdom, vision, and grace since its inception,” said Wright-Riggins. “I look forward to our modeling creative and collaborative work as we address the crucial issue of racial justice in our time.”   

Together, Wright-Riggins and McMahan will work to foster the New Baptist Covenant movement, collaboratively developing NBC’s organizational strategy and engaging in public outreach. That will include:

Extending the reach and impact of NBC especially in the North, East, Southwest and Northeast.

More intensely engaging American Baptists, Cooperative Baptists and Progressive Baptists while laying the foundation for entry-level participation and involvement among other Baptist denominations and groups. 

Demonstrating an inclusive leadership model, especially with regard to race/ethnicity; gender; and generational particularities, matters that Baptists wrestle with at the local and inter-church levels.

Providing opportunities for a deeper dive within local churches to explore racial fragility within white congregations and racial trauma within people of color congregations.

“For years, the New Baptist Covenant has crossed boundaries and worked to heal divides,” said Dr. Tyrone Pitts, chairperson of the New Baptist Covenant board of directors. “The board and staff are always looking for new ways and opportunities to model unity and diversity as we move toward justice. This co-executive director model is our next step in living out this mission.”


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