We did it!! With your help, we exceeded our goals with over 100 donors and over $5,500 in net contributions to New Baptist Covenant!

Our #PoppingForJustice Friend-raiser raised money for education, programming, and awareness initiatives geared toward racial reconciliation and eradicating divides which plague our communities on a local and national level.

CLICK HERE to donate directly to New Baptist Covenant if you would still like to support our mission!


97 Donors in 4 Days
$5,000 in popcorn sales in 4 days + $2,500 in direct gifts via our website! (Net proceeds: $2,500! We receive 50% of popcorn sales)

Our “Friend-raiser” ran from September 27 – October 1. On these dates, folks could support our initiatives by purchasing gourmet popcorn or making a donation to our mission via our website!

Our team had four days to reach a goal of 97 donors. The number 97 represents our movement founder, President Jimmy Carter, who turned 97 years old on October 1.
Our work wouldn’t be possible if not for a loyal community of participants and donors who believe in our mission and continue to help move us forward. If you would like to support us, please click HERE to make an online donation toward New Baptist Covenant.
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Our 2021 #PoppingForJustice Team:

New Baptist Covenant
Jenna Antoniewicz, Director of Communications & Development
Lindsay Bergstrom, Director of Operations
Alice Mitchell-Cross, Covenant of Action Liaison
Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins, Executive Director

Royersford Baptist Church
Rev. Sarah Strosahl-Kagi



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