Reconciliation is not easy for anyone but it is a part of our call as the Body of Christ. NBC decided to ask some leading voices in Baptist life their thoughts on what reconciliation is. Here is what they had to say:


rev jason coker

“Reconciliation is, first, the acknowledgment that relationship has been broken, even shattered. In the face of such brokenness, reconciliation is the belief and conviction that there is still hope for the broken relationship. Justice, mercy, and forgiveness are all necessary ingredients that begin the process of picking up and mending the broken pieces.”

~ Rev. Dr. Jason Coker, pastor Wilton Baptist Church, Connecticut



rev yana pagan 2

“It looks like modeling Christ, especially if I call myself a Christian. I think too many of us have forgotten our roots to follow the way, the truth and the life that is our Savior Jesus Christ. It sounds simple but that is the hardest thing I have had to do and it calls me to show love to even the worst people in the world… [W]hat I try to remember is that worst person could be me. God saved me from the streets. I cannot forget where God saved me from. Plus, that worst person is or could be my parent because we come from some crazy family backgrounds. It is hard to be a loving person, a model citizen and a role model that the children in our lives can look up to but this is the call of our Faith.”

~Rev. Yana J. C. Pagán, Adjunct Faculty, Esperanza College of Eastern University, Pennsylvania


Tell us what you think. What does reconciliation mean/look like to you?

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