A2C5861E-A803-48B7-AE51-2A05D66D6943 (1)Devon Crawford
Current M.Div Student at the University of Chicago Divinity School

The New Baptist Covenant (NBC) Summit represents a vibrant conversation on the ways in which all people — Black, White, or Indigenous  — can transcend the artificial boundaries that divide us in order to actualize the Kingdom of God on earth that unites us. At the Summit, I interacted with so many different people who loved God and were committed to this work. These preachers, leaders, activists, and every day people who came to the Summit to find their way of making a difference really inspired me.

As a black student at a predominantly white institution, I am quite aware that important conversations on race and justice often happen that exclude or ignore the people being discussed. This was not the case at the Summit. The millennial cohort of whom I was apart with NBC represents the most diverse, conscious, and progressive generation in American history. I expect that the ground breaking conversations, sermons, and collaborations that occurred during the NBC Summit will continue to reverberate around the country as we struggle towards establishing a just society and economy that cares for all of God’s children.

When we look at the state of our union as a religious family, we can see how culturally produced evils — xenophobia, homophobia, racism, classism, and sexism — have undercut the legitimacy of our religious convictions. We must confront such evil with Divine love and justice. The NBC Summit challenged me, and my colleagues, to have the strength to love in a society that thrives on fear and hate. Love is the catalyst that will belt the world and remind us that our difference does not mean we are deficient.

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