This year has been trying for all of us. From the global pandemic and the uptick in police violence to the increasing divide across political and racial divides, it has been an exhausting year. Now is not the time for us to sit back or stand idly by. 

November 3 is Election Day. This election will shape the fabric and future of our nation. This election is not only a question of democracy but one of ethics and morality. What sort of country do we want? What sort of people do we want to be? America has digressed in its progress toward becoming a more perfect union. While our nation’s history is as complex as the citizens that inhabit it, we still have an opportunity to embrace inclusion and reject exclusivity. This election affords us the opportunity to affect change in the most meaningful ways. 

Our lives, as we know it, hang in the balance. The lives of those most marginalized hang in the balance. The lives of future generations hang in the balance. The very health, wealth and well-being of our nation depends on your vote. 

We call upon you to do what must be done. We urge you to take this opportunity to exercise your rights and vote. Your vote matters. Your voice matters. And now is the time to be heard. 

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