reba-cobb72-ppi-214x300By Reba Cobb

I give to The New Baptist Covenant because of its mission to bring Baptists together. For too long we as Baptists have allowed our social and theological differences to separate us from our common purpose of being Christ in the world. The New Baptist Covenant offers us way to demonstrate harmony and shared commitment as we come together around social justice and racial reconciliation. As President Carter, our founder, has said, “NBC ushers in a new age of shared ministries and fellowship.”

I give to the New Baptist Covenant because I believe in its goals and action plan. Already dozens of “Covenants of Action” have been formed in cities like Dallas, Seattle, Birmingham, Atlanta, and New York City. Baptist churches are coming together across historical divides to tackle issues like poverty, racial reconciliation, and pay day lending.

The work of the New Baptist Covenant is both visionary and inspired. It is a powerful movement that we must support. I invite you to be a part of this movement of God’s Spirit by making a generous contribution today to our work. Through your contribution you can participate in the work of reconciliation and justice.

I hope you will join me and consider a generous gift to the New Baptist Covenant today.

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