President Carter and Patrick Anderson

By Patrick Andrson
As a Baptist seeking to be a follower of Jesus, I am drawn to the New Baptist Covenant because of the unique ministry it facilitates, that of racial reconciliation.
White persons who claim to follow Jesus have a lot to answer for. Colonialism, slavery, domination, militarism, genocide, disenfranchisement and injustice galorewe have been agents of harm throughout too much of our history. Now, to be offered the opportunity to acknowledge the white supremacist bias which has characterized too much of our heritage and to join hands with descendants of American slaves in an effort to bind our hearts and minds together for the common goodwhat a tremendous opportunity! My family and I are blessed to be part of that new covenant, to find a new beginning with fellow Baptists, to be Christ-like in our relationship with all persons.
We have been inspired and challenged by the covenants of action created between churches whose members are descendants of slave-holders and churches whose members are descendants of slaves. The hard work of reconciliation is bearing fruit as people acknowledge the past, repent, seek forgiveness and experience reconciliation.
I believe this is a movement of God’s Spirit.

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