Hannah McMahan King, our much-loved Executive Director has completed her tenure with new Baptist Covenant.  For 13 years, Hannah has been at the helm of this movement. She was identified by the late Jimmy Allen and appointed by President Carter in 2007 as our Coordinating Intern, then as National Coordinator and ultimately as Executive Director.

 For the past year, I have been privileged to work with Hannah in a Co-Executive Director capacity as she discerned her transition and the next phase of her professional life. I have been amazed by her talent and her graciousness. 

Working with Baptists is not the easiest job in the world. One person described it as trying to herd cats!  But for 13 years, Hannah listened carefully to our distinct and diverse voices. Some loud. Some timid. She always managed to distill the essence of our cultures and articulate to the world who we are and what we stand for. 

From the Great Recession to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Hannah steadied us, led us with confidence and helped us to discern what we could and what we could not do.  She built a small but skillful team to lead us forward. She did so with humor, empathy, faith and vision. 

In crisis mode, the organization was unable to host a gathering for Hannah. There was no party with cake or champagne or caviar. Instead, all we had to offer was a sincere “thank you” and deepest gratitude to her for building an organization with resilience and an abiding hope in the future.  

We wish Hannah the very best as she fully transitions from Washington, D.C., to Manchester, New Hampshire, spending quality time with her newly minted husband, Tim, and their recently adopted puppy, Hank. 


Dr. Aidsand
Acting Executive Director

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